2010 Tokyo International Anime Fair Character Contest

Tokyo International Anime Fair Executive Committee (Chairman is the governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara) decided to hold the 9th Tokyo International Anime Fair in 2010.

In 2009, our fair was held on March 18 to 21 and welcomed over 120,000 visitors. This time, Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010 will be taken place on March 25 to 28, 2010.


The application of official character competition 2010 will start from May 1st for the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010 (abbreviated as TAF2010). The selected work (winner) will be the TAF2010’s official character! We will use the character about one year for promotion of TAF2010.


Details for work

Tokyo International Anime Fair2010’s character (Each applicants can submit only one character)
Selected work will be used for printed materials, novelties, and etc. for promotion.

Terms and Conditions

Works for submission should conform to the following criteria.
(1) The work should be original and unpublished. If your work previously placed on your website or televised, we cannot accept your work.
(2) Please submit data (profile) and explanation of your character with the picture.
(3) No rules for color, drawing materials, and form (can be 3D or 2D), but you must send the work on CD-R with the printed sample (picture that is printed out from CD-R).

Application Requirements

(1) Applicants of all nationalities, age, gender, as well as individuals or groups (including corporations) are eligible to enter the competition.
(2) Only one work will be accepted for each applicant (group).

Application Period

May 1st ~ June 30th , 2009
Entries should arrive no later than June 30 (Tue) in Japan time.)
Please send the submitted work via mail or parcel delivery service. Personally delivered works and works that are submitted via E-mail will not be accepted.
*After you sent the work, you cannot add something or modify the work.
*Also, we will not return your work even it isn’t selected.

Prize money

The prize money is 200,000 JPY. (If you are in foreign country, due to the exchange rate, the amount of money will change.)

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