Tyler Cruz vs Jonathan Volk – Weight Loss Contest

Super Affiliate, Jonathan Volk, is going against popular blogger, Tyler Cruz, in a weight loss contest.  The goal for both of them is to lose 10 pounds within 60 days.  Currently, Tyler Cruz weighs about 205 pounds and Jonathan Volk weighs about 195 pounds.  Supposedly Tyler Cruz has an advantage as it’s easier to lose pounds if you’re heavier.

tyler-cruz vs. jonathan-volk-logo

If both men loses 10 pounds within 60 days, the contest is declared a draw and nobody loses.  If one fails to lose 10 pounds, the the loser has to pay the winner $500.  I personally think both will lose 10 pounds.  It would be more interesting if the contest were to lose 30 pounds or 40 pounds.  10 pounds within 60 days is too easy.

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