Win a Copy of Sound Mind Investing, a popular personal finance site, is giving away Sound Mind Investing.


Standard Rules of FMF


1. I will be the complete and final judge.

2. Legal disclaimer: I can not guarantee safe delivery of the items. I either send them out via mail or use third parties (the ones providing the prizes) to do so. I’ve never had a problem in several years of doing this, so most likely things will arrive fine. That said, I won’t be held accountable if there’s a mess up of any sort.

3. It will be the winner’s responsibility to email me their contact information. If you win something and do not contact me within a week of winning, I reserve the right to give your prize away to another winner. I won’t track down the winners — it’s your responsibility to come back and see if you won.

4. Local laws, rules, and regulations apply.

5. Winners are restricted to the US and Canada.

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